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Online casino with VISA card withdrawal

One of the most common methods of payment and withdrawal of money from the casino are VISA cards. If you choose this method, then you will find a suitable institution without any problems. This is an extremely simple way that allows you to replenish your account in just a few clicks. One of the advantages of this method, in addition to simplicity, is the fact that many bank cards of this type already have. Therefore, you will not need to open anything and learn how to use it.

How to fund a casino account with a Visa card?

The process is intuitive. If you have already paid for purchases or services on the Internet with a card, then everything will be familiar. Even if you haven't used the cards online yet, don't worry. Everything should go quickly and without problems. In any case, if you encounter any difficulties, please contact support. In general, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Login to your account and select the Cashier section.
  • Go to the Deposit/Deposit tab. Usually, different tabs are listed there, select Bank cards.
  • In the window that opens, select the type of card, and then fill in the required data: amount, card number, until what date it is valid and CVV code.
  • Click on the Pay button and that's it.

Keep in mind that when a deposit is made at a casino with a Visa card, the operator receives important data. You give all the information you need to write off the funds. Therefore, never replenish your account if you are not sure about the reliability of the institution. And if it is believed that money from credit cards can still be returned, then with debit cards it will be much more difficult. Indeed, in the first case, the bank gives you a loan and does not want to risk the fact that you do not pay it. And in the second case, your money is spent, and the bank is not interested in returning it.

In theory, funds are credited to the casino account through VISA cards instantly, and you immediately receive a payment notification, but this is not always the case. Read player reviews. Players regularly complain about some of the establishments that funds are credited with a delay.

Do I have to pay commission for deposits?

Usually you pay only those fees that your bank has set. The casino, for its part, will not take anything for replenishment. But in rare cases, casinos may deduct a small percentage of the deposit amount. This point should be spelled out in the terms and conditions of the casino. If you don't want to search for information, just ask the support team.

When the currencies of the VISA card and the online casino account do not match, you will be able to pay. But you can lose a little on the exchange if, for example, you have rubles and you need dollars. Losses should not be significant. The consequences of double conversion are more tangible, when at first there is an exchange in one currency, and then in the one that you need to pay.

It works like this. Each payment system has its own billing currency. In the case of VISA, this is US dollars. Let's say you have rubles on your card, and you need to replenish your casino account in euros. Both rubles and euros are not billing currencies, so there is a double exchange. Rubles are first converted into dollars, then dollars into euros.

In any case, an online casino player does not lose much even with a double conversion using the VISA system. The average loss is 1-2%. With small deposits, it will be almost imperceptible.

Withdrawal to VISA card

In the casino, you can pay both credit and debit cards with VISA. Therefore, the question will only be which option is optimal for you. Credit cards are not recommended for those players who cannot always control their game. After all, you can spend too much, but the debit card will not allow this. Spend the maximum of what is on the card. In order not to lose more than allowed, just do not replenish it beyond the norm.

Also keep in mind that banks are more careful with credit cards. If in certain cases they miss a payment on a debit card, then on a credit card the same transaction can be blocked. This is due to the fact that every time you make any payment by credit card, the bank gives you a loan, and he does not want to risk spending. In general, it can be regarded as such that sometimes financial organizations refuse to lend you money for gambling entertainment.

List of casinos with instant withdrawal to VISA

From the huge number of operators where this payment method is available, you can choose a variety of options. Among them are establishments with completely different levels, from the best to the least attractive. Our list of online casinos that accept Visa cards includes only legal establishments.

Operators are sorted by rating, which is formed based on how reliable, interesting and convenient the casino is. Grades are calculated automatically, ensuring maximum objectivity, and reliability plays a major role here. Keep in mind that casinos that have rubles and Russian get a slight advantage. Therefore, some Russian operators are located above well-known world brands.

Since there are so many casino options where deposits are possible through Visa, it will be convenient to use the filters located in the right menu. Your country is automatically set there, but you can cancel it or select another one. VISA is already indicated in the deposit methods. Additionally, there are software filters where you mark the games of which developer are important to you, casino licenses, currencies and languages. As a result, you can minimize the number of options and it will be easier to choose.

Please note that in the list, each operator is accompanied by a link to player reviews and a detailed review. They will help you figure out where you will be better off playing.

Is it legal to pay casino bets with a VISA card?

It all depends on the country you live in. For players in Russia, for example, this is legal. There are no laws that would prohibit playing in an online casino, or paying for the services of online gambling establishments. But for those who provide services, the ban exists. And financial institutions should not allow transfers to gambling operators, except for bookmakers licensed in Russia.

If a company is suspected of organizing online gambling, it will be blacklisted. It will then be a guide for financial institutions in blocking transactions. In this case, neither from the VISA card, nor in any other way over which the state has control, payments to the online casino should not go through.

However, there are solutions for such measures. One of them, for example, is the use of cryptocurrency. Another option is to use foreign payment systems like Neteller and Skrill, which, by the way, are very popular in all online casinos. It is also possible to link bank cards to an account, through which you can then make a deposit.

After the introduction of a ban on gambling transactions in May 2018, some Russian banks themselves took the initiative and immediately began to block payments in online casinos, even though the blacklist of companies had not yet been compiled. Today, the black list already exists and is being replenished. But it is not a fact that all banks will unquestioningly comply with the law.

Possible reasons for rejected payments

There may be cases when payments in an online casino do not go through the VISA system. And this is not due to the fact that the casino was blacklisted to block transactions. Another possible reason is that banks want to avoid unnecessary risks when a player uses their credit card.

The fact is that some players are cheating. They fund their gaming account with a VISA credit card, then lose the money and try to get it back. To do this, they go to the bank, stating that their card was stolen and they did not spend the money. The bank must return the funds to the client, but this is an additional cost, because the bank itself cannot simply cancel the payment, and it has to work with other parties. To avoid such scenarios, some simply decline payments. Collapse

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