Faarhan Ali

Miniature Artist / Visual Artist

About The Artist

Farhan Ali is a Lahore, Pakistan based visual artist. He graduated in fine arts ‘miniature painting’ from national college of arts Lahore. After graduation he started his own studio, name ‘alifarhanstudio’ of miniature painting to remain in practice as professional. He regularly participated in many national and international shows.

As grow in aesthetically domestic fabricated society, Ali is more close to his culture and for fathers’ customs traditions and values. The culture of Pakistan is very rich in terms of colors, designs, shapes and unique approach towards creativity. Ali’s passion is to promote and raise his embellished culture to the world, by his true artistic practice as miniature painter. You can experience the original fabric from particular region and technique in his art work. He is also interested in making of stuff toys and in his paintings you can feel the softness of fabric, actually these are handmade stuff toys with collaboration western iconic cartoon characters. 

Ali served in media industry too as digital painter, digital tools as a medium are not new to the contemporary art but it demands an exploration of a new dimension through which the artist communicates. 

As an artist he feels lucky to get a chance to join this industry as his profession and he thinks that it’s best when someone’s favorite hobby becomes his/her relevant profession. 

His aim is to explore more and spread his words to his audience and art lovers in the world.

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